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Diploma in Visual Communication

Diploma in Visual Communication
“Communication unlocked the human in human beings. In human evolution, the Homo sapiens had so many modes of communication in every stages. The different modes of communication, took the human kind to the next level. Visual communication is the mode of communication for the people of Generation X.
The media play a major role in our society. Media extend its hands day by day, with lots of opportunities. People with creative mind and technical training have a big place in the fourth pillar of democracy. These media courses tame the creativity and aesthetic sense of the students and make them professionals.
Visualite academy feels proud to step into, this century’s communication. So far the Visualite academy, trained the students in the arena of Photography, Videography and graphics. With this experience, academy is very happy to introduce Diploma course in Visual communication.
This diploma course trains the students in the field of creative thinking, Drawing and Graphic design, Photography, Videography, graphic design, Script writing and Direction, Video editing and Audiography, Writing for media, Visual literacy, Photo journalism. Here students can gain both the theoretical and practical knowledge. This academy has well equipped studio and advance equipments to train the students technically.


Module 1

Introduction to Visual Communication, Drawing, Graphic design, Basic Photography.

Module 2

Advertising, Videography, Script Writing and Direction, Multi-media

Module 3

Video editing, Audiography, Animation.

Module 4

Adverting Photography, Film making, Photo Journalism
Duration : 10am to 3pm                                            Course Duration : 1 year
Eligibility : Any Degree, 12th pass/fail.